Infrastructure Under-construction on PPP Basis – National Highway G206
                            ACEG Invest.  |  Updated: 2018-01-30  |  Views: 30932

                            The National Highway G206 Shucheng Section is with a length of 23.1KM starting from the Interchange Overpass named Shuqing in Shucheng County and ending at the boundary with County Tongcheng .

                            The designed speed is 80km/h for the main road with a width of 24.5m and 60km/h for the urban trunk road with a width of 32m.

                            The initial shareholder of this project is Tongyun Transportation Construction Investment Co., Ltd. in Shucheng County, accounting for 20% of the shares and the social capital - Anhui Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd. accounting for 80% of the shares.

                            The total investment of the project is RMB 840 Million Yuan and the construction cost is RMB 688.5 Million Yuan. The total construction period is 18 months and the operation period is 10 years.

                            The project commenced in January 2017 and the scheduled completion date will be in July 2018.


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